Do I need a rooster to have eggs from my hens?

There is a common misunderstanding on if Roos are necessary for hens to lay eggs.

A lot of people think if there is no rooster, there cannot be any eggs laid. This is not true. Males are only needed to fertilize eggs, so babies can be born. They are not needed to produce or lay eggs. They are only needed if you wish to have fertilized eggs to hatch them. 

Eggs aside, Roosters are still important even if no hatching of eggs will be done. Roosters are protectors of the flock from predators. They also help hens to find food and even help keep the hens in line. 

Sometimes chickens will fight and the Rooster steps in to break it up and get them back in order. He doesn't like to see any riff raff in his flock. It makes him look bad as a leader. 

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