Do chickens get eggcitied when they lay eggs?

Chickens are very proud of their beautiful eggs they lay. They are so proud in fact that when they finally lay their egg, it's important everyone knows as they sign their song of the eggs. 

Yes, it's true. It's a very distinctive clucking sound and it lasts around 30 seconds and sometime longer if they're very eggcited. They may even do a little dance while cheering themselves on for their fine little egg. 

What is even more incredible is if a Rooster is present, he will even encourage his ladies on by singing the song dance and prance around himself. He will do this before and even after depending on his mood. 

And, in some cases there will be other hens who get involved and we hear a chorus of egg laying support! 

Its pretty amazing and quite humorous every time. We just love how even chickens have personalities and sense of community. 

Check out this video of a chicken singing the egg song!

* This video is not mine. Credit: Home Farm Ideas

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