How we hard boil our eggs perfectly every single time.

I have seen so many questions and responses on perfect hard boiled eggs. I feel many responses are simply overthinking the process. The science is pretty simple. You first want to make sure to cook the eggs completely without over cooking them. You will know if you overcook as the yolk will have a green discoloration. Then you must make sure to cool the membrane inside to loosen it from the egg itself. If that membrane is loose and not sticking, the egg will peel beautifully. Last just make sure you don't crack the egg making sharp edges that press into the egg where it causes damage to the cooked egg white.

Let walk through the steps:

Step 1: Boil eggs for 10 mins. In some areas you may need a little less time or a little more time. Altitude can affect the boiling temperatures. So if 10 mins doesn't work for you then adjust according to how your eggs turned out.
Over cooked: Less time; Under cooked: more time.

Step 2: Cool eggs quickly to stop the cooking and cool the membrane. My husband uses Ice water in a bowl. He has the ice bath ready and transfers the eggs as soon as they're cooked. This way he can walk away and come back to them.
My approach is to save ice and time and just carefully dump out hot water putting pot under running cold water in sink. I then let the cold water fill the pot. While cold water is running I peel the eggs under the cold water.

*Cracking eggs open: Be sure when cracking eggs that you do not crack on and edge or sharp object. Instead crack eggs by using the side of the egg on a flat object like the counter or cutting board.

The cold water is the trick. You do not need vinegar or salt added to the water. They do not actually make a difference as the problem is the membrane sticking to the egg, not the egg shell. And how you cook the eggs is not really much of a difference. The membrane must remove without sticking to the egg or it will ruin the cooked egg white it's stuck too. So regardless of how you cook it. Make sure to quickly cool and while cold, peel. Do not let get to room temp sitting in water. It's best peeled cold.

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