Farm Fresh Eggs & Egg Holders

Farm Fresh Eggs & Egg Holders

We take pride in caring for our chickens giving them quality feed and nutrition for their happiness & health. In turn we are rewarded with quality farm fresh delicious eggs that taste great, whip up well, make eggcellent creamy, runny yolk for your many different egg cooking preferences, and so much more.

We provide plenty of calcium to our hens for firm but not too hard egg shells that can be reused for medicinal or even gardening purposes!

Our chickens are pasture raised, unvaccinated and along with their being fed a quality feed we provide additional nutritional supplements such as veggies from our garden, B.O.S.S, and Mealworms raised on site.

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Farm Fresh Eggs


Eggs are hand gathered twice daily We store our eggs pointy side down to maintain freshness longer. Yes, this is a real thing! All eggs are counter top stable *We recommend you wash eggs with warm ...


Egg White Separators

$1.50 $2.00

  Make cooking and baking easy with these cute easy to use egg white separators. They rest on the edge of a bowl, cup or container. You simply crack an egg over into it. It will allow the white to ...


Clear Plastic Egg Cartons (15ct)


Be environmentally friendly with this plastic refillable 15 ct egg carton. It's clear so you can see all the pretty egg colors while inside the carton. How wonderful is that?! You can keep them saf...


Plastic Egg Cartons (12ct)


Be environmentally friendly with these shock-proof and drop-proof egg cartons.  *Gentle hand wash only **When storing eggs on countertop please keep eggs at least 4'-5' from cooking and heated are...


Hand Decorated Wire Egg Baskets


These cute hand decorated by our creative team, Arizona and Meadow, wire egg baskets are great for storing eggs on the countertop or even in the fridge. **You get ONE basket that holds 2 dozen eggs...